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Macabre III

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Macabre III

Bericht van mothernohead op do aug 05, 2010 1:43 am

Macabre III

His first night-watch at the mortuary
for second year med student, it wasn’t scary
brought some books so he could study
cell phone rang, it was his buddy
laughing, making cadaver jokes
they chatted for a while, such macho blokes

a creepy feeling came as a shock
for this ambitious upcoming doc
then silence, cold and the underlying smell
began to make him feel unwell
closed his eyes to take a nap
until from a vault came a tap, tap, tap

inexperience took him to the source
he opened the door to take a look, of course
a beautiful corpse, open-eyed
stared at him and then she sighed
for a second he thought he must be dreaming
when she grabbed him, he started screaming

he barely struggled, he was petrified
supernatural strength she pulled him inside
to add to his horror vault slammed shut
complete darkness with a morbid slut
before his mind went totally blank
fleeting thought it must be a student prank

in a vice-like grip he was held in the space
a long, slimy tongue licked his face
mouth sucked on his eye until out it popped
at which moment his heart just stopped
a blessing, he felt no pain
as all the blood was slurped out of his brain

they found him two days later incomplete
his body limp, as white as a sheet
as an urban legend the story was told
neither believed by young or old

a year later another young man
wet his pants before he ran
had thought the tale a lot of crap
until he heard a tap, tap, tap

Heeft zeker weekend
Heeft zeker weekend

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